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Have you tried patty pan?

What is a patty pan?

Patty pans (or pattypans) are part of the squash family. They come in green, yellow and white varieties, and they look a bit like wibbly flying-saucers!

Like courgettes, pattypans are summer squashes, which means that they are in season in August and September. They are good for you, containing vitamins A, Bȝ and C, as well as magnesium.

And, if you buy them in season they are also inexpensive – the one in the photo cost 30p.

What do patty pans taste like?

Their texture is a bit like courgette, and their flavour is something like a cross between a courgette, a turnip and a parsnip. They have a soft, slightly sweet flavour.

How do you cook a patty pan squash?

When thinking about how to cook patty pan, you can treat them in a similar way to courgettes.

Like courgettes, patty pans don’t need to be peeled – just wash them and chop off the top and bottom of the squash before or after cooking. They can quite easily become mush, so take care not to overcook them.


Some ideas for cooking patty pans:

  • Roast them in a little oil for 20 minutes
  • Slice and fry in butter for 5 minutes
  • Leave them whole, chop the top off and scoop out the flesh, then mix the flesh with whatever other veggie foodstuffs you fancy (with the addition of a little garlic, perhaps), stuff it back into the shell and bake for 20 minutes in the oven
  • Brush slices of patty pans with a little bit of oil and grill, or fry on a griddle, for 5 minutes

How do you like to eat yours?