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Review: FRANK* Snack Bars

Last week, as I was passing through the foyer of the office building where I work, I was lucky enough to encounter Neil Robinson, who was selling his range of FRANK* Snack Bars.

In case you don't know who he is, Neil Robinson is a former Everton FC footballer and was the first vegan top flight footballer in the UK. He founded the Frank Food Company in 2012, and his FRANK* Snack Bars are vegan and low-fat, as well as being nut-free, dairy-free and gluten-free.

Naturally, as I was passing by Neil’s stall, I couldn’t resist buying a couple of the bars to try. The bars are available in five flavours - Orange & Chocolate, Oat & Chocolate, Double Chocolate, Strawberry & Chocolate and Blueberry & Chocolate – and I chose to try the Oat & Chocolate, Double Chocolate and Blueberry & Chocolate versions.

All of the bars have a soft, almost fudgey/cakey texture – a bit like a very dense brownie. But, they’re only around 120 calories each, so they’re much less ‘naughty’ than a brownie or a piece of cake. They’re also very filling, so they would do an excellent job of satisfying a rumbling stomach between meals.

Most importantly though (for me, at least!), they provide an incredibly powerful chocolate hit!

The Blueberry & Chocolate flavoured bar had an added sweetness brought by the addition of the blueberries, and the Oat & Chocolate flavoured bar had a drier texture and pleasantly oaty after-taste. But, my favourite was definitely the double chocolate bar. It had a smack-you-in-the-face chocolatey-flavour and was a mighty cocoa-hit for a chocoholic who’s trying to cut down on her calories!

For more information about FRANK* Snack Bars, including stockists, visit

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