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  • Leiths Vegetable Bible
    Leiths Vegetable Bible
    by Polly Tyrer
  • Rose Elliot's New Complete Vegetarian
    Rose Elliot's New Complete Vegetarian
    by Rose Elliot
  • Delia's Vegetarian Collection
    Delia's Vegetarian Collection
    by Delia Smith, Victoria Wood
  • Good Food: 101 Veggie Dishes
    Good Food: 101 Veggie Dishes
    by Orlando Murrin
  • Veganomicon: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook
    Veganomicon: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook
    by Isa Chandra Moskowitz, Terry Hope Romero

Welcome to More than Mushrooms!

Hello and welcome to More than Mushrooms - a vegetarian blog / magazine / information resource about vegetarian and vegan food & lifestyle issues.

On this website I aim to cover everything from vegetarian recipes, to veggie products that can be found in health-food stores or supermarkets, to restaurant reviews, interviews with well-known veggies and anything else that is related to living a meat-free or ethical lifestyle.

Who is More than Mushrooms for?

More than Mushrooms is aimed at vegetarians, vegans, meat-avoiders/meat-reducers, and anyone who's just veggie-curious! I am based in the UK & Ireland and I presume that most of the people reading the site are too.

What does the name More than Mushrooms mean?

When you go out for dinner as a vegetarian you’ll often find that there’s only one option on the menu if you’re lucky. A lack of imagination on the part of non-vegetarian chefs also means that what you get for dinner will frequently be something you’ve eaten a hundred times before – mushroom risotto is one such very familiar example!

But vegetarian food is about more than mushroom risotto – or vegetarian lasagne, or pasta in tomato sauce!

I hope to show just how much variety there is out there for veggies.

But, there’s nothing wrong with mushrooms!

You’re correct of course. Mushrooms are very nice and a good mushroom risotto can be lovely. But not all vegetarians like mushrooms, and even those of us who do would like something else to appear on the menu as the veggie option once in a while.

What’s this all about?

More than Mushrooms is a place for people who like vegetarian food – vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike – to read food writing, articles and reviews written from a vegetarian perspective. After all, how many vegetarian food critics do you know of?

What makes More than Mushrooms different to other vegetarian magazines/blogs/websites?

Most vegetarian magazines/resources out there seem to concentrate on vegetarian recipes. There are some fantastic examples and they can be a great source of inspiration when you're looking for a new veggie dinner.

However, how many times do you come across veggie reviews, lifestyle features, taste-tests or articles written by a vegetarian critic or food writer? Not very often!

More than Mushrooms does include simple veggie recipes and food ideas, but I leave most of that to the many people out there who are much better cooks than I am! Instead, I concentrate on the experience of eating vegetarian food and living a veggie life!

Can I submit an article, a recommendation for a restaurant that I think you should review, or a link to my website/vegetarian blog?

Yes, please do. I can’t promise to publish everything I receive, to review every restaurant or to add every link, but I would really like your input.

There are only so many meals I can fit in each day, and the number of restaurants I get the chance to visit in person is far fewer than I’d like. So, if there’s a food out there that you think should top my ‘to eat’ list, or if there’s a veggie restaurant that you think I just have to visit, please do get in touch and let me know.

Thanks for reading!